1. 5 Stars!!

    I was experiencing terrible headaches, neck pain, back/hip pain and sleepless nights. I started treatment with Dr. Wink in June 2018 and just had my 3 month progress report today. My headaches, back, hip, and neck pain have completely stopped. I am sleeping soundly through the night again. Dr. Wink was wonderful to work with and very good with keeping up with my progress. 5 Stars!!! Thanks Justin…Read More

    Bethany Joy Carter
  2. Knowledgeable, Compassionate, and Thorough

    Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough. He makes it a point to get to the root of your problem and address it and fix it. Would recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractor in the Greenville area.…Read More

    Amy Wilson Bellis
  3. I was amazed!

    From numb fingers to tingles in my leg, I was afraid of what I would hear if I went in to get checked out. A friend of mine finally convinced me to get an assessment when I wasn't tying my work boots because it hurt to bend over that long. Dr. Matt Wink explained what was happening and why. He showed me in detail how treatment (not surgery as I had feared) would help. I went skeptically, and a bit…Read More

    Paul John
  4. Best care possible

    Dr. Matt Wink is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make sure his clients get the best care possible. I would highly recommend going to his practice.…Read More

    Courtney Swan Camferdam
  5. HIGHLY recommend this practice

    I came to see Dr. Matt and his wife Katie for VERY aggressive migraines that have been ongoing for over four years. I spent years seeing neurologists who prescribed medication that only worked about 28% of the time and was extremely costly; I didn’t find much relief until I started coming to Elevate. They took the time to explain to me WHY I was having migraines and how they planned to treat the…Read More

    Krystal Comer
  6. Highly recommend this office!

    If you are looking for a great Chiropractor in or anywhere near Greenville, South Carolina... I highly recommend this office above all others!…Read More

    Craig Burns
  7. Excellent care and great results

    I came to see Dr. Matt for aggressive migraines and some neck pain. I was very impressed with all of the education provided by Dr. Matt and Katie from the first time I entered the office. They really wanted me to know not only what they are doing, but also why they were doing it. I've also learned that chiropractic can help with my high blood pressure! I had no idea! Excellent care and great resul…Read More

    Malia Marcell