I was amazed!

From numb fingers to tingles in my leg, I was afraid of what I would hear if I went in to get checked out. A friend of mine finally convinced me to get an assessment when I wasn’t tying my work boots because it hurt to bend over that long.

Dr. Matt Wink explained what was happening and why. He showed me in detail how treatment (not surgery as I had feared) would help. I went skeptically, and a bit begrudgingly, to the first few visits. By the end of the month I was amazed how fast he got my fingers to stop going numb. Not only that, the shooting pains and pinching in my back, I’d needlessly put up with for all those years, was happening less and less.

I was anxious about seeing someone and hearing it was serious. Dr. Matt Wink was great at explaining everything and putting me at ease. I only wish I’d sought out a chiropractor, and found someone like him years ago.

Paul John