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Elevate Chiropractic of Greenville successfully treats Neck Pain on a daily basis. Dr. Matt Wink and his fully trained team of spinal care professionals follow strict policies and protocols when dealing with Neck Pain. They first work to determine the underlying root cause of the pain, enabling relief from acute and intimidate pain and then will work to structure an individualized treatment plan to resolve your underlying condition that lead you to experience the pain. Thus, eliminating your neck pain for long term, stable, effective lasting relief.

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Neck pain though very common, is not a normal thing to experience and usually is a result of an underlying issue. There is a good chance that you, like most Americans have experienced some form of neck pain or discomfort at some point in your life. Your neck supports your head, which weights in around 10 pounds or more, but it also has other purposes. The neck has to have functional movement in each three planes of motion. When you incur an injury or imbalance within your neck it can cause the cervical vertebrae to move out of alignment. This is called a Subluxation. If you have a Neck Subluxation the ligaments, tendons, and muscles become swollen, inflamed and damaged, the discs that separate the cervical vertebrae can herniate or rupture, and your nerves can become irritated and damaged. This can all happen because of a misalignment in your neck.

Every year we age and so does our neck. Thus meaning, you start to see arthritic changes in your vertebrae. For example, you’ll find abnormal bony growths, disc degeneration, or muscle and ligament deterioration. This can all lead to deviations in the normal healthy neck curve and irritation of the nerves in your spine.

If you leave the underlying problems untreated it can cause the pain to spread into your shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, and even your face. Along with the pain you might experience decreased motion in your neck making it hard to drive, work, or play with your children.

When you seek medical treatments for neck pain you might get prescribed opiates, muscle relaxers, or spinal injections. Though medications seem like a viable option they just mask the pain and leave the underlying cause untreated. Seeking chiropractic care at our Greenville location will help ease pressure on the nerves that the misalignment may have caused. Chiropractic treatments can also help you avoid the need for spinal surgery. Surgery should only be considered after all other treatments have failed.

Dr. Matt Wink’s approach to treating neck pain is to find the underlying, root cause of your neck pain and correct it. When you correct the root cause of your neck pain your body is able to start the natural healing process. Patients at Elevate Chiropractic often see instant changes in their daily life with a normal functioning spine along with improved immune and nervous system function!

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