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Dr. Matt Wink

Dedicated Husband, Father & Medical Professional

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“As a doctor I recognize that most discomfort & dis-ease is due to an unnatural lifestyle, my goal is to assist you in the healing process in any way I can, through proper spinal hygiene, diet & nutrition, stretches & exercise, along with added value of knowledge and lifestyle coaching.”

Dr. Matt Wink, board certified Chiropractic Physician and clinic director at Elevate Chiropractic in Greenville SC.

Dr. Wink is highly trained and skilled in correcting the underlying structure of the human frame, so that it may function properly to improve not only short term pain relief but also the long term quality of his patients lives.

“Understanding the body and the connection that the proper functioning spine has on the nervous system and how it directly impacts ones overall health is vital when properly implementing patient care protocols. As medical professionals, we must stop looking at symptoms alone and analyse the root cause, working to treat the cause thus eliminating the symptoms and improving long term health.”

Dr. Wink is well known in the Greenville community for helping patients find relief for ailments such as Sciatic Nerve Pain, Neuropathy, Disc Issues, Headaches, Arthritis, Concussions, Whiplash, Vertigo and much more.

Keeping up with the most up to date and latest advancements in healthcare and chiropractic rehabilitation therapies.

“In today’s ever changing and evolving world of Technology, we now have abilities to treat dis-ease that was previously thought to be un-treatable. My passion for learning and to staying up to date with the newest techniques, instruments and equipment will allow me to stay on the cutting edge of chiropractic care.”

Dr. Wink is originally from Dalton, Georgia and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia. After graduating from UGA, he moved out west to Park City, Utah, and began a 7–year career as a professional musician.

During his stint as a professional musician, he got under chiropractic care and completely loved the philosophy and how it helped people with various health conditions. Dr. Wink then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Life University.

After working for a year in Atlanta, Dr. Matt and his wife Katie decided to settle down in Greenville and open up a chiropractic care practice. They had their first son Weston in January of 2017 who continues to keep them happy and busy.

Dr. Wink loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and mountain biking with his family and their dog, Laynee. He loves helping the Greenville community and all of the wonderful people that reside in this beautiful area.

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