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Our Greenville Chiropractor has helped thousands of patients find relief from their often times, debilitating back pain. Dr. Matt Wink accredits his successful treatment for back pain to the offices policies and procedures when it comes to first identifying the root cause of the pain via scientifically based diagnostic testing and motion study x-ray analysis. “Once the root cause is found, we can work first to help the patient get out of acute and immediate pain and then begin to address the cause thus leading them to successful long term, superior relief.”

~Dr. Matt Wink of Elevate Chiropractic, Greensville SC

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Back Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention, take time off work, end up on disability and get addicted to pain medication. Not only does back pain affect our ability to work, but it steals time away from playing with your children, participating in outdoor activities, and your overall quality of life.


What Is Back Pain

Back pain can range from mild to constant, aching, throbbing, or shooting pains that radiate down your leg(s). It can make the simplest tasks impossible like getting in and out of your car. Back pain can be chronic and increase over time. It can even be caused by twisting the wrong way or lifting something that is too heavy.


What causes back pain?

Your body is a very complex organ and consists of a network of muscles, nerves, bones, discs, and tendons around the spine.  There are many sources of back pain and it becomes more prominent as you age. Back pain is most commonly seen in patients between the ages of 30 to 40. Poor exercise, weight gain, and stress can be a leading cause to your back pain.

You can also inherit causes of back pain from your parents. For instance, ankylosing spondylitis is a form of arthritis that affects the lower part of your back and has a genetic component. Arthritis, cancer, physical exertion, and even smoking can be contributing factors to your back pain. Patients who smoke are more likely to develop smokers cough and not receive enough nutrients to the discs in your spine.



The most common symptoms are difficulty moving, like walking or standing, and getting pain that radiates into your buttocks, groin, and upper thighs. The pain that you might be feeling is achy and dull but it can also get severe with muscle spasms and soreness.


Rest, heat, and ice are common things you rely on when you start to feel back pain. Rest will help because it allows the tissues and nerve roots to heal and heat and ice relieve the pain by reducing the inflammation. Some people may even resort to medications either over the counter or prescribed by your medical doctor.

Our team has seen great results treating back pain by spinal manipulation. The treatment will consist of one or more spinal manipulations to your joints, using a variation of techniques, to improve your range of motion. We are here to find the root cause of your back pain and prevent future episodes from arising.

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